Best Nail Clipper for Dogs: A Vet-Recommended Guide

Krrrrr! Rrrrr! The sound rippled through the silent living room last week. I woke from my desk and headed to the living room to see what was happening.

Down on the floor lay my favorite soft throw pillow torn into two and Timmy, my dog, looking at me innocently. His paws were still on the pillow and his tail wagging.

Dumbfounded, I stood there transfixed at the mess and a question struck my mind. ‘When did I last trim my dog’s nails?’ ‘Never,’ came the answer.

It was at this moment I knew that I had to look for the best nail clipper for dogs to trim Timmy before he got caught in the moment again. Are you looking for the best dog nail clipper for your pooch? Read on to discover what my vet recommended.

Key Takeaways

  • There are various dog nail clippers on the market.
  • The best dog nail clippers have sharp blades, good grip, and enhanced safety mechanisms.
  • It is never advisable to use a human nail cutter to trim a dog’s nails.

Best Nail Clippers for Dogs on Sale

When choosing the best dog grooming clippers, you want a tool that will not hurt your furry friend’s paw and feel comfortable in your hand. Here are our top five nail clipper options you can buy from Amazon.

  1. Millers Forge Pet Nail Clipper

First on our list is the Millers Forge nail clipper, we put it first since this is what we used on our dog. This handy tool from Amazon cut through our dog’s overgrown nails like butter and I was done in less than 30 minutes. It is, however, understandable if you take longer if your pooch hates his/her paws handled. So grab a packet of your canine’s favorite treat or have an extra pair of hands.

Orange Millers Forge pet nail clipper
Orange Millers Forge pet nail clipper/ Amazon

The Millers Forge clipper comes in different sizes to allow you to pick the right nail clipper for your dog. It features sharp cutting blades made from stainless steel for increased efficiency.


  • Ergonomic handles.
  • Sharp stainless steel blades.
  • A safety lock for safe storage.


  • You must use force to clip the dog’s nails.

Get a pair of Millers Forge dog nail clippers from Amazon.

  1. Boshel Dog Nail Clipper

Made with stainless steel blades, the Boshel dog nail clipper is highly recommended by vets and groomers. It provides clean cuts on your pooch’s nails and has a sensor that prevents cutting the quick.

Check out Top Dog Tips YouTube video n what to do if you cut your dog’s nail quick.

The clipper also comes with a portable nail file to file the nails after cutting. It also has a safety switch to shut the clipper and store it safely when not in use.

Blue handle Boshel dog nail trimmer
Blue handle Boshel dog nail trimmer/ Amazon


  • Comes With a nail file.
  • Long-lasting stainless steel
  • Ergonomic handle for improved comfort.
  • Safety lock switch for storage.


  • You must apply force to clip tough nails.

Get the Boshel dog nail clipper from Amazon.

  1. Coastal Pet Safari Dog Nail Trimmer

Another dog nail trimmer on our list is the safari professional canine nail trimmer from Coastal Pet Cares. This trimming tool boasts double-sided cutting blades allowing left and right-handed usage.

Coastal Pet safari dog nail trimmer
Coastal Pet safari dog nail trimmer/ Amazon

The dog nail clipper is available in small/medium size, suitable for small dog breeds, and medium/large size, fit for bigger dog breeds. With a safety locking mechanism fit on the tool. You can be sure to make clean cuts without splintering or crushing your pooch’s precious nails.


  • Rubberized handles for added grip.
  • Two size options.
  • Long-lasting stainless steel
  • Safety lock for better storage.
  • Safety stop for clean cuts.


  • Requires manual force to trim thick dark nails.

Get the Coastal Pet Safari professional dog trimmer from Amazon.

  1. Zen Clipper Pet Nail Trimmer

Looking for an adjustable dog nail clipper? The Zen clipper has you covered since it has an adjustment mechanism that allows you to fine-tune the cutting blades from 2 to 11 millimeters.

Zen clipper dog nail trimmer
Zen clipper dog nail trimmer/ Amazon

The Zen clipper is ideal for pet owners who have more than one animal around their home. This is because this nail trimmer is one size fits all, courtesy of the adjustment capability. 


  • Adjustable, suitable for small and large dog breeds.
  • Ergonomic design, easily used by right and left-handed individuals.
  • Long-lasting stainless steel.
  • Easy to use.


  • Must apply pressure to cut your pet’s nails.

Get the Zen clipper from Amazon.

  1. Epica Dog Nail Clipper

Our last top dog nail trimmer recommendation is the Epica clipper. The clipper has semi-circular cutting blades which allow you to see the cutting to avoid injuring your dog’s quick.

Epica dog nail clipper
Epica dog nail clipper/ Amazon

The Epica dog nail trimmer comes in two size options; small/medium and large hence you can easily select one that fits your grooming needs. For example, you can buy the small/medium trimmer if you have a Chihuahua or a Miniature Poodle. On the other hand, you can get the large size trimmed if you own a Great Dane or a German Shepherd.


  • Rubberized handles for enhanced grip.
  • Safety lock to be activated when not in use.
  • Stainless steel sharp blades for clean nail cuts.


  • Needs pressure to trim dog nails.

Get the Epica dog nail clipper from Amazon.

What to Consider when Selecting a Dog Nail Trimmer

With various canine nail trimmers available in the market, choosing the best dog clipper can be challenging. So you need to have a checklist to arrive at the ideal trimmer.

Here are considerations to make when buying a dog nail cutter.

  1. Usage Ease

The best nail clipper for dogs does not have a steep learning curve especially if you are a beginner at dog grooming. You want the tool to have safety features to secure it and keep curious kids and pets safe when not in use. Moreover, you want the nail cutter to feel comfortable in your grip to avoid muscle fatigue during the nail-trimming process.

  1. Dog Nail Trimmer Type

Typically, three dog nail cutters exist; scissor-like, guillotine, and grinders. The scissor-like trimmer features double blades that snip off the nail after squeezing the handle.

The guillotine dog nail trimmer features a vertical blade that chops off a nail against a fixed surface. It typically works like the traditional guillotine used to punish offenders in ancient days.

A dog nail grinder uses an electric motor mechanism to file bits off the nail. Unlike the other nail trimmers, expect your pooch to get startled due to the sound.

  1. Blade Efficiency

A clean-cut nail trimming experience needs a sharp and efficient blade. For that reason, you want to ensure you are buying the best nail clipper for dogs with a sharp cutting blade for a pleasant experience even with anxious dogs. Even though the blade will get dull over time, you do not want to buy a new dog nail trimmer frequently.

  1. Safety

The last thing you want is to have your kids or pets injured by the sharp blades of a dog nail cutter. So you want to buy a dog nail trimmer that has safety mechanisms to lock the tool for safe storage. You also want a nail trimmer that will help you avoid cutting the dog’s quick especially in canines with dark nails.


  1. Can you use human nail cutters on dogs’ nails?

It is not advisable to use human nail cutters on dogs. This is because human nail cutters are not designed to cut a canine’s nail and will only end up damaging it.

  1. How often should you cut your dog’s nails?

The frequency at which you should cut your dog’s nails depends on your dog’s active lifestyle and how fast the nails grow. It is better to consult your veterinarian or groomer to know the best times to cut your dog’s nails.

  1. How long does a nail trimmer last?

A good quality dog nail trimmer can last one to two years. On the other hand, low-quality nail trimmers can last anywhere up to four uses before becoming dull.

Best Nail Clipper for Dogs Conclusion

Dog nail trimming can be challenging since most anxious animals do not like their paws handled or touched. However, you can get the job done with the best nail clipper for dogs.

This article has highlighted the top five dog nail clipper options pet parents can select. It is now up to you to ensure your animal’s nails are always short and sweet.

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