How to Choose the Best Dog Food for Bowel Incontinence

“How do I choose the best dog food for bowel incontinence?” This was the highlight of a conversation in a local dog forum. Different dog owners offered opinions and I noticed that it is challenging to choose the best dog food for fecal incontinence.

Moreover, what works for one dog may not work for another. As a canine parent, I sought to find out how to get the best dog foods for canines with bowel incontinence. Read on to discover what I found out about dog fecal incontinence and the best nutrition to offer your furry friend.

Bowel Incontinence in Dogs

So what is bowel incontinence in dogs? Bowel incontinence is the involuntary passing of stool in dogs.

It arises due to old age or medical reasons. The good news is that it can be easy to note this behavioral change. Dog poop will appear in non-potty dedicated areas. So you can detect the issue early and attend to it timely.

Besides medication, your pooch can benefit greatly from dog foods dedicated to bowel incontinent canines. These foods are friendly to your animal’s gut health during the healing process.

How to Choose the Best Dog Food for Bowel Incontinence 

A fecal incontinent canine will need a special diet to help with its condition. Thus a diet change is compulsory since the normal kibble won’t help.

That said, here are some considerations you to make before buying food for incontinent canines.

  • Consult your Vet

One of the best approaches to selecting the best food for your incontinent dog is talking with your vet. A certified vet has the necessary experience and has dealt with such ailments thus knows the best solution for your dog’s condition.

  • High Fiber Content 

A rich fiber content dog food adds to the bulk of your pooch’s poop. Unlike normal foods which turn into soft stool, this type of food will ensure your dog does not leave bits of excrete all over the place.

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  • Digestible Protein Sources 

Easily digestible food reduces the amount of waste your dog produces. Moreover, the digestion ease reduces the pressure on the pooch’s digestive tract reducing involuntary poop accidents.

  • Probiotics and Prebiotics

Dog supplements have been on the rise with prebiotics and probiotics advocated as huge promoters of your pooch’s gut health. So what do the terms prebiotics and probiotics mean?

Probiotics refer to the good bacteria within your dog’s gut. The bacteria help support the immune system, promote good health, and vitamins and nutrients. However, inflammatory bowel disease damages this colon bacteria inducing a loss of poop control in your dog.

Prebiotics provide a food source for the present good bacteria to enhance strength and growth. Once taken, this supplement flows to your canine friend’s colon where it breaks down as Short Chain Fatty Acids (SCFA) for probiotics to feed.

Here is a YouTube video from Happy Healthy Dogs on how SCAs help your canine’s gut health.

  • Age Appropriate Kibble

Senior dogs are more prone to suffering from bowel incontinence. Therefore, if you are a senior pooch parent, you want to choose the best food for aging incontinent dogs.

Where to Buy the Best Dog Food for Bowel Incontinence

As a doting pet parent, you want the best for your incontinent shaggy friend. So where do you get the best dog food for fecal incontinence?

  1. The Vet Clinic: Your dog’s vet is the right person to prescribe the best food for your dog.
  2. Local Pet Store: The local pet store near you stocks a variety of dog foods so you won’t miss the best dog food for bowel incontinence for sale.
  3. Online stores: Have a busy schedule but got your furry friend in mind? Worry no more, a dedicated online pet store has you covered. 

Like brick-and-mortar stores, online retailers have a variety of dog foods and deliver the product right to your doorstep. However, be wary of buying dog food from non-reputable online sites to avoid disappointment and worsening your pooch’s condition.


  1. Can Food Help Manage Canine Fecal Incontinence?

Yes, the choice of diet you give your dog helps improve the animal’s health. A diet high in fiber helps control the animal’s bowel movement.

  1. What Causes Bowel Incontinence in Dogs?

 Bowel incontinence in dogs arises from various reasons. These vary from medications, old age, and medical conditions

  1. What is the Best Food for Dogs who Poop a lot?

The best dog food to control frequent dog excretes is one high in fiber. Fiber helps firm the stool, reducing the involuntary waste your dog passes.

  1. How Can I Help My Fecal Incontinent Dog?

As a pet parent, it is your responsibility to give your dog the best life. The best thing to offer your furry friend during their condition is to be there for them 


The question of how to choose the best dog food for bowel incontinence can be daunting. However, as a doting pooch parent, you want to give your furry friend attention to ensure they recover and live the active lifestyle.

The above are five considerations that help you make an informed decision. It is now up to you to ensure the pet’s comfort.


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