Why Do Dogs Stare at You When They Poop

So why do dogs stare at you when they poop? As a doting pet parent, I have noticed this trait every time my dog uses the bathroom. 

At first, I tried to break eye contact, but that did not work. I sought to find out why dogs stare at their human friends when relieving themselves. Read on.

5 Reasons Your Dog Stares at You When Pooping

It is common for pets like cats to sneak into their litter boxes to relieve themselves, dogs do not. Instead, you will know when your pooch wants to defecate since they go into a poop squat posture. 

Wondering why your furry friend gives and maintains that stare? Here are some of the reasons why.

  1. Seeking Approval

One of the essential housebreaking behaviors dog trainers teach your pup is pooping in the correct place. If you have adopted or brought in a puppy, chances are they still want your approval when pooping.

Moreover, a senior dog may not necessarily seek your approval but stare at you in hopes of receiving praise. Your furry friend will also stare at you if you have scolded them before when they pooped in the wrong place.

Check out this YouTube video from Zack George’s Dog Training Revolution on how to potty train your pooch.

  1. Your Protection

Before domestication dogs lived in the wild and their jungle instincts still run in their blood. And because they lived in packs, the dogs would protect and alert a defecating member of any approaching danger.

When your pooch is pooping, they are in a vulnerable state. They cannot attack, fend off threats, or run away. This is why your dog will stare at you for protection. Remember you are their family, a pack member, and a protector.

  1. It’s a Love Sign

Humans often show affection to their loved ones through eye contact. However, you can communicate your feelings with word of mouth but dogs cannot. They communicate through body language like eye contact.

According to a 2009 study, dog owners and their pups produce oxytocin when they bond. This study divided dog owners into two groups and measured oxytocin levels in the canine’s urine before interaction. The first group spent twenty minutes staring at their pup while the second group spent thirty minutes.

The researchers tested the oxytocin concentration of the animal’s urine after the interaction. Animals that received a longer gaze showed higher oxytocin levels than those who got limited attention. So when your pooch stares at you when doing their business, think of it as a way of bonding.

dog pooping on grass
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  1. The Fear of Missing Out

While a domesticated dog is away from predators like wild boars, their pack instincts are still sharp. They do not want their hooman to have fun or walk away without them.

Moreover, our furry friends spend most of their time staring, following, bopping, licking, and sneaking in on us. So locking their eyes on a bathroom break means they want you around as always. 

  1. Hopes for a Tasty Treat

Good dog behavior often deserves a tasty treat. Your pup will lock eye contact with you when relieving themselves in hopes of receiving a treat. Sometimes praise is not enough.

They will look at your hand or body movement to ensure they receive a good behavior gift. Think of it like your furry friend wants you to thank them.

Final Thoughts on Why Do Dogs Stare at You When They Poop

There are various reasons why dogs stare at you when they poop. It may seem awkward but dogs do not pick on emotions as humans so it won’t be a big deal to them.

With the above five reasons why your pet stares at you during this privacy time, you now can rest assured it’s a natural trait. So keep the dog affection alive.


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